• January 2022
    M T W T F S S
  • January 2022
    M T W T F S S


Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is TranscoMedia?
Read more about TranscoMedia here on our About Us Page. Want more information from us please contact us here.
2I type fast so I can transcribe from home and make lots of money, right?
Maybe, but do you have the training you need to transcribe accurately? Typing fast and accurately is certainly one of the top qualities of any successful transcriptionist. However, transcription takes training and practice to be profitable.
3Isn’t most transcription work being outsourced overseas?
It is true that some companies are looking for the cheap way out and are outsourcing their work. But there are still a lot of reputable companies that depend on the American worker in order to keep their businesses going. It’s not easy for a native English speaker to understand and transcribe the English language let alone a non-native. With the proper training, education, and application, you can be a part of keeping our work here in the U.S.A.
4Voice Recognition Software is going to take over the transcription world?
It is true VRS or voice recognition software has grown in the past years, but not even the most tech savvy companies have been able to get its accuracy to 88%. Human interaction is needed in the transcription process. Properly trained transcriptionists have an accuracy rate of 98%. Who wouldn’t hire a human transcriptionist over a software program?
5How much does the course cost?
TranscoMedia is offering our Transcription Course at a low introductory price of $150.00
6Can I study from anywhere?
Yes! The courses are totally remote. You can study them at home and at your own pace.
7What is a transcription?
Transcription is the act of effectively listening to audio or video for the purpose of creating a properly formatted document which accurately represents what each speaker is saying.
8Why do we transcribe?
The written record of spoken dialogue in an audio or video.
9What types of transcription are there?
There are three main categories of transcription

Each type of transcription conforms to its own style and format.
While Medical and Legal transcription are very specific to their own area, General Transcription consists of a variety of interesting transcripts, such as:
• Phone Calls
• Voice Mails
• Interviews
• Focus Groups
• Television
• Movies
• Corporate
• Financial
• Academic
• The list goes on
10Why do we transcribe?
Transcription has become an essential component for so many trades and they are used for a variety of reasons, like:
• Easy access to information for later use
• Legal issues such as malpractice suits, accuracy of court hearings, etc.
• Proper care of patients
• Insights on business and finance
• Analyzing data
• Ease of searching who said what and when
• Editing television shows
• Creating Subtitles/Captions for movies and television
• And a lot more
11What can you expect from our Transcomedia Courses?
• Efficiently set up your home office.
• Must-have tools needed for every successful transcriptionist.
• How much can you make as a remote work from home transcriptionist
• And so much more….